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Present from over 30 years in the national market, the LESATEX srl of Marghera (Venice) works with professionalism and experience in the supply of hook and hoop fastener (adhesive or thermo-adhesive) for producing companies of living rooms, tapestries, footwears, clothing and wholesale products.

Knowledge and Quality

The high quality and the versatility of our products allow to answer to the best to the different market demands, allowing an ample use of it: from cars to satellites, from sails to paragliding, from living rooms to curtains.

From the hook and hoop fastener, suitable for the attire (es. shoulder strap) and the furnishings (es. valances) or usable as pre-placement, to the thermo-adhesive hook and hoop fastener, fusible on PVC and PU, LESATEX is able to furnish a suitable and timely solution to the necessities of every single company. In fact, besides the variety and universality of the furnished products, LESATEX is able to recommend and to direct the clients to the purchase and to offer a fast delivery, through the deep technical knowledge of its commercial operators and thanks to the immediate availability of the goods.